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Friday Nite Music: John Lennon, “Power to the People”

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No wonder Nixon was scared of him, so he used the FBI along with the  Justice and Immigration Departments to hound him into seclusion.

Late Nite Music: “I Fought the Law and the Law Won,” by Duane Eddy and the Ventures

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The Ventures are one of America’s most under-appreciated rock bands.

Someone asks you to name a West Coast surf band; who do you go to first?  The Beach Boys?  Jan and Dean?  The Surfaris?

The Ventures could kick all their butts.  Their cover of Wipe Out was a blistering, frenetic version that smoked the Surfaris’ original version.

The Ventures stayed exclusively instrumental and offered up soundtrack after soundtrack of adventurous, joyful, surfin’ rock and roll.

Throughout the ’60’s they toyed around with various pop hits; their version of the “Batman” theme is rip-roaring fun.  Then they made their money with the soundtrack for the first  “Hawaii 5-0” TV series.

Here they team up with ’50’s guitar hero Duane Eddy and serve up a truly delicious and way-cool version of “I Fought the Law and the Law Won.”


Saturday Nite Music: Neil Young, “Long May You Run”

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Neil wrote this song about an old car he once had, a caddy, I believe.

This fits my own mood tonight, after having said adios to a very faithful iron horse.  I take comfort in knowing that he’s going to a good home.  But I’ll miss him and will always remember the rides we took together.   Long may you run, ol’ buddy.


Paul Simon Calls Fan to Stage, Creates Amazing Grace Moment

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h/t NPR

When Rayna Ford went to see Paul Simon in concert at Toronto on May 7 , the thought of sharing the stage with him was most likely the furthest thing from her mind.   But when the Newfoundland native called out her request for Simon to play “Duncan,” saying she had learned to play guitar on that song, Simon invited her up to play it.   In amazement, Ford came up on stage, where Simon was waiting with guitar in hand.  After speaking a few words of encouragement to her, he stepped aside and watched as Rayna began playing.  The smile on Paul Simon’s face and the joyful tears on Rayna’s tell the rest of the story.  A lot of people would surely wish to be in Rayna Ford’s shoes on that magic evening  But the moment also belongs to the guy who made it possible with a spur-of-the-moment invitation to this unknown fan he called into the spotlight.  Simon’s fame and genius aren’t at work to create this moment.  It’s his heart, and his self-assurance, along with a spirit of generosity and compassion that all combine to make this spontaneous version of amazing grace.

Tuesday Late Nite Music: Alvin Lee, “Choo Choo Mama”

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This’ll get the juices flowing. Alvin Lee is one of those artists who has flown mostly under the pop culture radar for most of his career.  The exception, of course, would be his break-out performance at Woodstock.  Here he is more than Ten Years After that event, still cookin’ up the rock/r&b fusion in a high octane sort of way.

A Little Music to Kick Off Easter Season

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He’s come a long, long way from the “Wild and Crazy Guy” days, but he’s still STEVE.

Check him out at

Monday Music: Jerry Jeff, “Jaded Lover”

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A very helpful person recently re-acquainted me with an old friend, Jerry Jeff Walker.  “Viva Terlingua” still resides in my antiquated record collection, and the pops and crackles produced when I play it speak to all the times I slapped it on the turntable back in the 70’s and 80’s.

Jerry Jeff has an incomparable style in his writing and performing; sometimes I think of him as Progressive Country’s version of Dean Martin,  laid back with maybe a couple of drinks –or tokes– under his belt.  Unlike Deano, however, Jerry Jeff could write songs; boy, could he write songs; seriously good and insightful songs.  And he  delivered them with a relaxed and good-humored style that often belied the powerful poetry of his lyrics.  Play his music and you still encounter his amused take on scrambling to get out an album while being sued by the IRS in “Gettin’ By.” Or  his whimsical, yet pointed,  parting shot to a brief fling partner in “Jaded Lover.”   His most serious and haunting song remains “Mr. Bojangles,” one that continues to stand the test of time, despite all those blurry memories of Sammy Davis Jr. doing his best to…..well, let’s just say that it was a “Pat Boone in reverse” sort of thing and leave it at that.  I’m sure Jerry Jeff didn’t mind, especially since it’s very likely he still goes out to the mailbox and finds a royalty check or two.

Here’s an Austin City Limits-produced reunion of Jerry Jeff’s group, “The Lost Gonzo Band,” a bit older, definitely clean and sober, playing one of Jerry Jeff’s sing-along signature songs.