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Garden Salad w/Ranch, A Peach And A Banana

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The last meal of Karla Faye Tucker, executed by Texas on Feb. 3, 1998 at 6:45 p.m.

Check out The Last Meals Project, where executed prisoners are paired with their last meals.

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming to Bring You Across The Universe

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h/t Pastor Bob via FB

What a great trip to take, if you only had a few billion years of vacation time available.

Of course, we’d need some music for the trip.  Here’s an appropriate part of the soundtrack, with a visual interpretation that takes us on a different trip altogether.

Click through to Jaime’s YouTube site to check out his other stuff.  It’s amazing what he does with some basic software.

One Man’s Dream 2010

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A little sand art for your Monday.

Salvation Army Bell-Ringing at its Finest

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h/t Sasha

While We’re All Giddy Over the Inauguration, Iraq Has Big Dreams Too

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REUTERS/Erik de Castro

REUTERS/Erik de Castro

Reuters reports that the intellectuals and artists who have been courageous enough to remain in Iraq-and lucky enough to remain alive- are planning a widespread campaign to replace martial statues and monuments with art extolling the virtues of  peace.

However, some in the intellectual and arts communities have reservations.  An unnamed college art instructor expressed concern that the ongoing carnage wrought by militant violence would deter artists from participating.  He is unnamed in the article because he lives in fear after having been personally threatened by militants.

The report mentions a recent piece he created which features 3 people chained to a wall in the ruins of a temple, symbolizing the current reality of Iraqis feeling chained captive by unrelenting violence and by the U.S. occupation.

Murtadha Hedad, a sculptor and professor at Baghdad University’s College of Fine Arts, maintained a sense of hope that the planned monument makeover would call Iraq back to it’s true roots.  “We have a lot of ideas, like statues of intellectuals or writers, because Baghdad is the cradle of civilization,” Hedad said.

Given the anti-intellectual, anti-literary and anti-fine arts movement that has plunged the entire world into a Global War on Tolerance, one wonders if some of these Iraqi artists could be lured to work in safer locations where their vision is just as important and likely to be unimpeded by death threats.   Maybe they could place their art in the places that need it just as much as Iraq, places that Iraq’s current occupiers call home.