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Scattershooting Thursday

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Spring blooms beautifully here, and unlike other places I’ve lived, you get the full season instead of an extended winter that hangs around far too long until Summer serves it eviction papers.

The daffodils kicked things off a couple of weeks before Easter.

Daffodils 2

Cherry blossoms, the western redbuds, and Calfornia’s version of bluebonnets have followed suit.  The poppies have been blooming on the other side of the mountain for the past 3 weeks and now their orange-yellow flowers are opening here.    In a few weeks, we’ll have the plants going crazy and it’ll look about like this:

Poppies and flowers

We’ve got some birds popping in, a few of them with beaks full of nest-building material.  Here’s one of them after he evidently dropped off his load:


Watching these little birds go about their nest-making has me considering our own nest here.  It appears we are going to be here for a while.   This past year has seen mostly struggle and frustration–the hope and the dreams that brought us out here have been mostly unfulfilled.  I’ve accomplished some very small things in my time here, and for the moment  it’s nice to see that the spiraling tragedy of self-destruction has taken a break and we’re back to dealing with a functional alcoholic who is making some pretty good decisions.  But sink or swim, the bottom line is it is his business, and the best I can hope for is to help him out part-time for minimum wage.   That just isn’t going to cut it.  The employment options out here are somewhere between slim and none, but I’m in the hunt for one part-time job that may potentially open a door to full-time employment.

There is still the church, which I continue to love and hope to serve.  But recent experience tells me the church may not be as interested in me as I am in it.  I’ll say more about this later.  But for now, I look at the ongoing unfolding Spring here in the Trinity Alps and begin to see that we’re going to be in this area for the foreseeable future.   As I continue to make plans, develop contacts and explore my own business options, I’m thinking that the way to extricate myself from this situation is roughly the same as getting your finger out of one of these:











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