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Laura Flanders: Occupy Movement is More Than Camping in the Park

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The independent journalist and host of Gritt TV, speaking as a guest on Chris Hayes’ Saturday morning show on MSNBC, wondered when the mainstream media would begin reporting on Occupy in ways that go beyond merely describing protest gatherings and police forcefully clearing the gatherings.

From Raw Story:

Flanders mentioned how the actions of the movement have extended far beyond the electric, sometimes volatile events taking place at Zuccotti Park and across the nation.

“It hasn’t just been a presence at the park,” she said. “It’s been a presence at the Board of Ed meetings. It’s been a presence at the Brooklyn court where they’re auctioning off foreclosed houses. To see ‘Occupy Wall Street’ people stand up and sing, ‘Stop the sales, we’ll find the money, stop the sales.’ To see people stop houses get foreclosed in Cleveland.

Flanders added: “Are we going to take our cameras there? Are we going to show the power that this movement has to bring real tools, not to just the 99 percent, but to the 100 percent? Or are we going to do what the media tend to do which is go where the shiny cameras are, the shiny police cars are, and the conflict?”


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