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College Concealed Handgun Legislation in Texas May Hit A Big Snag

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Bigger isn’t always better in Texas.

Before you go out and buy that Sig Sauer compact 9mm in the two-tone finish and present it to your favorite Texas college student, you might consider what the Texas Legislature is now being forced to consider.  Texas colleges and universities could be slapped with a huge insurance rate increase if concealed carry becomes law .

The Texas Tribune reports that Houston Community College expects a whopping increase in liability insurance if  forced to allow firearms on HCC campuses:

The Houston Community College Board of Trustees passed a resolution this month strongly urging lawmakers to vote against allowing concealed handguns on campus. Along with safety concerns, the letter states that there could be a “fiscal burden.” That burden includes a possible increase in liability insurance payments: They could rise by as much as $780,000 to $900,000 per year, said Dan Arguijo, spokesman for Houston Community College.

The enrollment at HCC campuses is a bit over 48,000 students.   The University of Texas at Austin’s total student population is just shy of 50,000.  Texas A&M’s population is over 46,000.  One wonders how the liability rates at the big state schools would be affected.

The Texas Lege is currently walking along  the thin ledge of budgeting the state’s higher education systems with a dangerously deficient bank account. But that hasn’t deterred the stubbornly persistent State Senator Jeff Wentworth, the author of the concealed carry bill which appears to be dying in the Senate.  Wentworth switched parliamentary gears and attached a concealed-carry amendment to a bill that purports to reform financing of public and higher ed institutions.  If the bill survives and becomes law, and the insurance increases turn out to be as significant as the HCC Board thinks they will be, Wentworth and the Texas Legislature could take credit for producing one of the more ironic pieces of legislation in its history.   It’s a history with a full share of irony, not to mention folly and foolishness.   In large part, the credit for such tradition goes to a consistent and dependable group of state politicians who consider irony as something best learned in a home economics class.


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  1. So I guess we can put a price on students lives now? I think having a gun-free campus is the way to go right? Just remember the knife incident at Lonestar Community College that resulted on a “gun-free” campus. We wouldn’t want to interfere with the college’s profits though.

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