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Our Nation Never Had a Chance to Grieve

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h/t Pastor Bob, for turning me on to this Odyssey Networks site.  It’s true, we collectively suck at dealing with grief and loss.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Our Nation Never Had a Chance to Grieve | Odyss…, posted with vodpod



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  1. This is a great clip Dan and explains a lot. In some ways, our country is numb and has lost its heart. I think much of this can be traced back to 911 and the cowboy, kick ass mentality of “W” and is reinforced with conservative Christianity’s weddedness to military might. We don’t know how to make the inward journey into our hearts and seem to only know how to make war in response to our challenges. Talking about our pain and crying in grief is perceived as weak.

  2. I agree, Robert. I also look at the ways in which our culture approaches death and think this also has something to do with where we are, post-9/11. The culture is big into avoiding, denying and covering up death–primarily our own and the deaths of loved ones. Most graveside funeral services I’ve conducted have had ample astro-turf to cover the dirt and hide the reality that Aunt Edna’s box is about to be dropped down into a hole in the earth and buried. I’ve attended viewings at funeral homes where track lights with a flesh tone shade illuminate the open casket. When someone dies, we allow a “reasonable” time of mourning, then expect that someone–especially if it’s us–will get back in the saddle and keep on ridin’ down the road. I’ve discovered that in my own life it just doesn’t work that way. When I extrapolate all that out to our collective response to 9-11, when catastrophic death was inflicted as it was, it’s no real surprise that our response has been to inflict massive pain, partly in vengeance, partly as a way to avoid our own. We keep thinking that somehow this strategy will help propel us to a much better place. And we’re so committed to this coping strategy that we’ve also avoided the reality that these wars are bankrupting us. I think this reality finally may force us to confront and deal with the huge losses we’ve suffered, and then deal with the people we’ve become. And it’s not going to be pretty.

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