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-6 Degrees Outside: Norwegian Weather Calls for Norwegian Jokes

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Ole met his long-lost friend, Torvald, on the street in downtown Fargo.  “How ya doin’ Ole?” asked Torvald.  “Vell, Lena run off vit da preacher.  Little Ole is hooked on drugs.  Little Lena done got shacked up vit a biker.  And I’m on my vay to da courthouse ’cause of all da people suin’ me.”  Torvald offered his condolences then asked Ole what kind of work he was doing.  “Ah, same ol’ same ol,” replied Ole.  “Still sellin’ dem good luck charms.”


Lars strolled into the Grand Hotel in Olso and asked for a room.  The clerk told him they were sold out.  “So let me get this straight,”  said Lars, “if King Olav came in, would you have a room for him?”  The clerk stood up straight and with a condescending tone he sniffed, “Why, of course we would have a room ready for the king.”

“Vell, he ain’t comin’,” said Lars.  “So gimmee his room.”

Sven asked Ole, “So howz yer brother-in-law’s new salesman yob goin?”  “Vell, he’s already got two orders,” replied Ole.  “Get out….and stay out.”

A highway patrolman stopped Ole and told him that his wife, Lena, had fallen out of the car some 3 miles back.  “Thank goodness,” Ole said, “for a while dere I thought I vas goin’ deaf!”


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  1. Thanks for the smile. Nice to see you posting.

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