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Bikers Have A Cool Patron Saint

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I got this ‘un out of the Denver Post, which had a picture of some robed up fella doing some sort of blessing thing to a bunch of bikers on bikes in Switzerland.   I’ve heard about these blessings of bikes at some churches, but dad-gummed if the Catholics haven’t gone off and found a patron saint for bikers.  He’s a dude named Columbanus of Bobbio, and here’s a bio of him that’s floatin’ around the internet:

A handsome rugged kind of chap, he left Ireland to escape the clutches of lascivious women who were irresistibly attracted to him. According to the biography of his life written by Jonas, one of the many miracles attributed to him involved the multiplication of bread and beer, as follows:

“A while after, Columbanus went to the monastery of Fontaines and found sixty brethren hoeing the ground and preparing the fields for the future crop. When he saw them breaking up the clods with great labor, he said, “May the Lord prepare for you a feast, my brethren.” Hearing this the attendant said, “Father, believe me, we have only two loaves and a very little beer.” Columbanus answered, “Go and bring those.” The attendant went quickly and brought the two loaves and a little beer. Columbanus, raising his eyes to heaven, said, “Christ Jesus, only hope of the world, do Thou, who from five loaves satisfied five thousand men in the wilderness, multiply these loaves and this drink.” Wonderful faith! All were satisfied and each one drank as much as he wished. The servant carried back twice as much in fragments and twice the amount of drink. And so he knew that faith is more deserving of the divine gifts than despair, which is wont to diminish even what one has.”

Sounds like the life of the party, doesn’t he?  Now I got to go find some little statue I can rig up to my bike.

The only bummer is that his big saint day is November 23, which is a mite cold to be having a St. Columbanus bike rally/BBQ, unless you’re down in a place like Laredo.

BREAKING NEWS: Just found a medallion of him standing eyeball to eyeball with a big ‘ol bear.  Turns out he did some sort of miracle with a bear once, like maybe keeping the bear from eating him.  Anyway, it’s pretty cool.

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I like to ride, shoot pool, shoot guns, toss back some shooters and generally celebrate life whenever I can. I figure the deal's gone down and we've been screwed since day one. Some say take the red pill. I say take the blue and party on. Carpe diem while you're still breathin'.

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  1. Very nice. It’s always nice to learn something new.
    Pat from NY

  2. It sure ’nuff is. And I’m liking the notion of a saint who can stare down a big ol’ bear.

  3. Cameron Meeker

    The bear ate the donkey that was carrying Columbanus’ stuff, so he made the bear carry it instead (or so the legend goes). I figure anyone who can get a bear to do that and live to tell about it qualifies as a patron saint for motorcyclists.

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